The Arts at MMC

We are, at our core, artists of all stripes: dancers, directors, singers, and painters. Writers, designers, collagists, and musicians. And we belong at MMC. 

We thrive off the creative energy pulsing through New York and we’re always finding new ways to harness and share it.

All around campus, you’ll see student ingenuity on display. Original paintings hanging in the art gallery. Fresh programming on the campus radio station. Students publishing their poetry in our lit journal and performing in or directing stage productions.

Where will you find your inspiration?

The Hewitt Gallery of Art

Every year, hundreds of artists, critics, collectors, and curators visit our on-campus gallery, home to various types of work by well-known and emerging artists. The Gallery hosts student internships as well—a great opportunity to learn about curation and critique. 

The Theresa Lang Theatre

An Off-Broadway performance space used by music, dance, opera, and theatre companies from around New York, the Theatre hosts master classes, open rehearsals, and panel discussions with industry legends like Stephen Sondheim and Wendy Wasserstein. Students can also intern at the theatre to gain invaluable experience and behind-the-scenes skills.