Student Life

Life at Marymount Manhattan is anything but typical.

Your experience at MMC can’t compare with your friends’ experiences on other campuses. They hang out between classes on the quad; we picnic with roommates on our “quad” — Central Park. They know people on Greek row; we have alumni on Theatre Row —  and Broadway. And forget navigating your way across campus - you’ll be finding yourself in culturally rich neighborhoods you’ve seen on movies and TV when you join residence hall excursions and weekend outings with friends.  

Your experience on our campus will be as unique as friends you’ll make here.

Our students represent cultures and perspectives from all over the world. Our personalities are as diverse as our interests, and yet we share space and ideas on a relatively small and dynamic campus. Life is, in a word, exciting!

We also have New York City at our doorstep. We have our favorite bodegas and countless spots for cheap delicious eats. We live on campus and in neighborhoods where we perform our own songs or show our new work. We spend our days hustling from class to rehearsal, from labs to meetings, and still find time to write, create, study, work, and support our friends in between.

There’s always something to do, see, make, or learn, and at MMC, we can do all of it.