If you are a MMC Faculty or Staff member, you have access to Zoom Video and Web Conferencing. This tool allows you to:


  • Conduct and record video conferences
  • Screen share
  • Live chat
  • Do any of the above on your desktop, laptop or mobile device with up to 25 students and colleagues

What sort of things can I do with Zoom?

As a Faculty member, you might be interested in… 

Setting up a remote class session on a snow day. Opening your office hours to students on or off campus. Inviting guest lecturers from around the world to video conference with your class. Incorporating live online discussions with your course.

As a Staff member, you might be interested in…

Having a remote meeting with your team without having to worry about the location. Conducting a remote training session for a colleague from each of your own computers. Troubleshooting a problem without having to brave the class-change elevator rush.


How do I get started with Zoom?

Any MMC Faculty or Staff member can get set up with a Zoom account with just your college email. When you are ready, please visit marymount.zoom.us/signup.  

For a full guide on how to use all Zoom’s features, please see our Zoom Web Conferencing User Guide as well as the official Zoom Training YouTube page.


Where do I log in?

If you’re already set up with your account and are ready to dive in, you can log in to your Zoom account at marymount.zoom.us.