Office 365 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Office 365 and why did MMC move to it?

    Office365 provides MMC students and employees with many great new features for email and collaboration. These included:

    50GB storage for email and 1TB for One Drive, access to cloud-based collaboration tools like Office Apps (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) in the cloud that can also be downloaded and installed on up to 5 personal computers/SMART devices per employee (either PC or Mac).

  • How can I access my Office 365 account?

    If you have the Outlook client installed on an MMC issued computer, you can continue to access your email and calendar through that. However, if you would like to leverage all of the Office 365 features including the OneDrive storage, go to and login with your account.

    You can also get to the Office 365 login via the MMC Quick links on the MMC website homepage

  • How do I change my email password?

    To change your password, please click on this  Password Self-Service link.

    Make sure you are registered first on the above page.

    Also, you may need to clear your browser cache. Instructions for cleaning your computer and mobile device browser cache can be found here.

    If you cannot logon to Office 365 after you change your password, please wait 30 minutes and try again.

  • How can I change how my Inbox is displayed from a browser?

    By default, Outlook online will display incoming email as Focused and Other (see below). To disable this function, please click “Filter”, then uncheck “Show Focused Inbox”. All emails will then be displayed in “Inbox”. See the following two screenshots:


     Inbox only. 


    If you are using a SMART device, download the Outlook App and follow the directions below:


  • What should I check if I think I am missing some email?

    Please make sure you have checked both “Focused” and “Other” in your Inbox or have disabled “Show Focused Inbox”. Also, if you think you are missing an email, check to make sure it did not arrive in your “Junk Email” folder.

  • How do I prevent legitimate email from ending up in my “Junk Email” folder?

    Click on the gear on the top right.


    Click on the Mail link located on the bottom right


    From the left panel under Account tab please click Block or allow.


    From the center panel make sure Don’t move email to Junk Email folder is checked.


  • Is there support for mobile devices like smartphones & tablets?

    Directions for setting up mobile devices can be found here.

  • What sort of features differ between Outlook Web App and an installed Outlook client?

    Microsoft Outlook ( is robust, and some users choose to use it exclusively. For more information about feature differences, please visit the following Microsoft page: Feature Differences in Outlook Web App and Outlook

  • Which browser versions are compatible with Outlook Web App?

    * Internet Explorer 8 or above
    * Safari 5 or above
    * Latest Firefox “Release” version
    * Latest Chrome “Stable” version

    Note: Outlook Web App also has a light version that supports a reduced set of features across almost any browser.

  • What is included with Office 365?

    Office 365 includes the Office Suite including Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, One Note and One Drive.

  • What are Office Web Apps and what types of files can be used with them?

    Office Web Apps are lightweight versions of applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote that allow for viewing and editing of documents online without the need to have any application installed on your computer.

    For general information on Office Web Apps, please visit the Microsoft Office 365 Web Apps page.