BA in Politics & Human Rights

Foundational beliefs. Transforming knowledge.

Join the conversation and translate theory into action. MMC’s program in Politics and Human Rights is designed to give future leaders the means to change the world.

Our program explores the nature of human rights and political action. Politics and Human Rights majors will learn to approach the development of human rights in the United States and the international community from a variety of practical and theoretical perspectives.

This curriculum prepares students for a wide range of careers in not-for-profitgovernment, and business sectors. PHR also provides an excellent foundation for graduate study in lawjournalismbusiness and management, and the social sciences.

Courses taught in the Politics and Human Rights major offer a wide range of perspectives on the governmental and cultural forces that shape our lives. As a complement to their work in the classroom, students benefit from our location in one of the largest, most diverse cities in the world through internshipsfield study, and service learning opportunities.

PHR majors have opportunities to:
  • intern with and conduct research for philanthropic, news, or arts organizations
  • help plan city budgets or elect local or national politicians
  • explore vital community and cultural issues and institutions
  • participate in combined courses with students in MMC’s Bedford Hills College Program for incarcerated women
  • gain experience working with international organizations and companies
  • experience study abroad and faculty-led travel courses, and much more!