Wherever your ambitions lie—in the sciences, business, arts, finance, or just about any other field—a foundation in Mathematics will equip you with skills that stand out. 


Our liberal arts curriculum combines innovative and interdisciplinary course work that teaches students not only advanced mathematical skills, but also how to apply them to real world situations and subjects. Alongside courses in Calculus, Algebra, and Statistics, you’ll find Mathematics of Games & Puzzles, Modeling Dynamics of Life, Mathematics without Boundaries and Cryptography.


All of our students develop a strong foundation in both analytical and quantitative skills. We train you to:

  • Apply algorithms, as well as creativity and insight, to solve problems
  • Construct sound mathematical proofs
  • Communicate complex ideas clearly
  • Use technology appropriately in solving problems
  • Apply advanced mathematics to other disciplines


Minor: Applied Mathematics

The Applied Mathematics minor offers opportunities to students with strong quantitative skills to foster their ability to use mathematics at a high level by mastering mathematical techniques beyond the minimal requirements of their major and to apply these skills to various disciplines.  The program integrates academic rigor, depth, breadth, and flexibility to choose the electives that best complement a student’s major, thus providing the student with the mathematical skills for success in the workforce and in their respective fields of study, and equips the student with essential and creative thinking skills to facilitate solving real world problems.

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For more information on the Applied Mathematics minor, contact one of our faculty members.