B.S. in Marketing

One of MMC’s most popular programs, the Marketing major offers students unparalleled opportunities to learn by experience in New York City.

Learn to harness both your creative and analytical side as you conduct serious marketing research and experiment with digital media – and that’s just in class. You’ll also travel across New York, meeting with successful alumni and completing meaningful internships with brands and productions like Vanity Fair, the Rachel Ray Show, and Columbia Records, all while building a strong foundation in business management.

The Marketing major gives students a strong theoretical background and also emphasizes skills that will be useful in their careers. In the digital marketing class students get certifications for Google AdWords and Hubspot Inbound Marketing. These are certifications that have helped our students gain practical experience and land jobs after graduation. In the marketing research class students spend the semester developing and testing a research idea. All stages of the project, from identifying a research question to analyzing the results, prepare students for careers in marketing.

Upon graduation, you’ll be fully equipped to take your career in a number of directions, including advertising, public relations, or marketing and communication. 

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