At MMC, “college” and “career” go hand-in-hand. Our location on New York’s Upper East Side means that you’re never more than a few steps or subway stops from Wall Street, Broadway, Museum Mile, the United Nations, major TV networks, and everything else the city has to offer.


CityEdge is a shared set of concentrated experiences that help you prepare for a career while deepening your immersion in New York City. 

New York City Seminars

As a first-year student, you’ll take a New York City Seminar—your introduction to the College and the City. In this seminar, you’ll engage with the City as a learning laboratory, experiencing its many cultural, academic, and business institutions.

Internship Stipend

Students pursuing internships have the opportunity to apply for the CityEdge Internship Stipend, which awards you $1,000 for completing an unpaid internship at a nonprofit organization or government agency. The Stipend supports you as you gain real-world experience, setting you apart from the rest of the job market.



CareerLab introduces you to foundational concepts in career and professional development and planning. You’ll learn how to create an online presence, participate in mock interviews, and use the right vocabulary to promote yourself. CareerLab will help you find the perfect internship, nail the interview, and launch your career.

Signature CityEdge Courses

Through Signature CityEdge Courses, you’ll see the connection between your classroom studies and the many professional opportunities in New York City. You may meet with working professionals in the City, or they may come to your classroom. Professionals may also review your work, giving you feedback from an industry perspective.


Internships & Field Experience

Explore potential careers in an educational and supportive setting through Internships and Site Visits, offered to all students through credit and not-for-credit programs. Internships and site visits provide real-world experience through employment, research opportunities, and community engagement.


CityEdge Mentoring

Successful professionals from across the workplace spectrum serve as mentors to students. CityEdge mentors provide invaluable guidance, workplace visits, job shadowing, and professional networking opportunities.

Advisory Boards

Each academic department sponsors an Advisory Board, composed of accomplished professionals from across the City who have expertise in the field and who provide insight on the state of their industry, assist with outreach to the industry, support career development initiatives, and identify job openings, internships, and other opportunities.

Career Services

CityEdge programs and initiatives are created and supported by Career Services. The office is staffed with career service professionals who have a broad range of experience and provide individualized guidance. Their services include resume and cover letter writing and review, interview preparation, job search strategies, and general professional development instruction.

is everything that makes us Marymount Manhattan.

It’s the edge you get from attending the best small college in the greatest city in the world.