Welcome! 2020 was historic—a challenging year for our community and each of us as individuals. So, we are proud to celebrate the work produced by Marymount Manhattan College students and faculty from that period. With record-breaking submissions, nearly a hundred students offering up outstanding efforts of research and creativity produced under wildly adverse circumstances, the works honored here provide testimony to the resilience of the academy, where we channel energy towards learning and growth even when the soil feels rocky and the sun doesn’t shine. A year on now it’s spring; the sun is returning and your work manifests our hopes for the future.

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Live Zoom Presentations — April 13, 2021

9:30—10:00 am

Welcome and Dean’s Award Student Presentation — Zoom Link

10:00—11:00 am 

Panel One: Education, Equity, and Power — Zoom Link
Panel Two: Women in the World — Zoom Link

11:00 am—12:00 pm

Panel Three: Post-Colonial Thinking — Zoom Link
Panel Four: Mental Illness, Music, and Macbeth — Zoom Link

12:00—2:00 pm Career Services’ Annual Career Summit

Resilience in the Job Search

2:00—3:00 pm

Panel Five: Identity, Sexuality, Verities — Zoom Link
Panel Six: New York and Its Environs — Zoom Link

3:00—4:00 pm

Panel Seven: Creation, Commerce, and Citizenry — Zoom Link
Panel Eight: Biological Bases and (Un)Ethical Action — Zoom Link

4:00—5:30 pm

Honors Day Awards Keynote Speech by MMC President Kerry Walk, Ph.D. 
Zoom Link

 Multimedia Projects


Written Works

  • Megan ArnoldSelf-Image and Fatphobia: Insecurity’s Effect on Interpersonal Relationships Within the Modern Dating World
  • Webb BankemperFrom Slapstick to Shuffle-Ball-Change: Analyzing the Antics and Adaptation of Arlecchino and Archetype in the American Musical Theatre
  • Liza BautistaDear Diary
  • Chloe BowmanEverything I Had To Say Is Sticking To My Insides: The Language of Queerness in Comics
  • Kamiya BrycePortrait of a Lady on Fire and The Female Gaze
  • Carli Christian and Armando MartinezLe Prix Marketing Plan
  • Kasey Dugan—Mothers & American Horror Films: The Nuances of Mothering
  • Jenna FanelliNeurodiversity Takes Center Stage: A Cultural Analysis of the Evolution of Mental Illness on Broadway
  • Savannah Fischer—The United Nations on the Elimination of Child Marriage
  • T’keyah Grant—Above the Law?: UN Peacekeepers, Sexual Exploitation & Accountability
  • Mel GrassoAttitudes Towards Deafness: American Sign Language v. Oral Schools
  • Jack Hannon—Gory-telling: Portrayals of Violence in Transnational Cinema
  • Vanessa JohnsonThe ‘Birangona’ of the Bangladesh Liberation War
  • Monica JosephThe Kids Are Alright: Youths’ Exploration of Different Sexual Identity Markers Advances Sexual Orientation Discourse
  • Heather KroescheA Comparison of Caste in India and Racism in America: Through the Lens of Religion and its Influence on Social Identity
  • Nyesha McCormickGender Self-Analysis
  • Kasey McNaughtonProviding the Blueprint: An Analysis of Precedent Set by the US’ Defense of Human Rights Abuses at GTMO
  • Amanda MiloHumans and Animals as Observed in C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
  • Gianna O’ConnorQuantitative Correlations of Severe Covid-19 Effects and Markers of Environmental Racism by New York City Neighborhood
  • Adam PedroA Rainbow Vote: The rise of an LGBTQ+ Voting Bloc & a 21st-Century Queer Agenda
  • Elizabeth ScottEcological Function of Urban Rooftop Garden as a Green Roof in New York City
  • Melanie SirotaADHD and Girls: Dazzling and Distracted
  • Karina Strom—Freeing TV’s Lesbians From The Male Gaze: Making A Queer Female Television Character Successful In The Eyes Of Queer Women
  • Allie Talavera—Hold Onto Me

Honors Day Committee

Lauren Erin Brown, Ph.D., Co-Chair
Bethany Elkin, MFA, Co-Chair
Lennay Chapman, MBA
Dan Hunt, MFA
Cheryl Paradis, Ph.D.

Special Thanks

Cheryl Lynn Adriano
Tseday Alehegn
Hunter DeSimone
Stephen Eichinger
Lora Georgiev
Jacqueline Noel
Rabindra Rai
Carly Schneider
Richard Sheldon
Matt Straub